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Go there at AM in the morning. You can sleep in your bed or press Touchpad PS4 to advance time.

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Advancing time lowers Nourishment and Energy with every hour that passes. Nourishment is refilled by eating, Energy by sleeping in a bed.

Captain Bernard will give you a sword fighting tutorial. You can pick if you want the basic or advanced training.

Train Hard, Fight Easy

I recommend the advanced training if you still remember everything from the first sword training in Skalitz. You only have a few seconds to shoot some arrows before Lord Capon arrives and challenges you. Use this time wisely.

Let loose of the button to release the arrow. You aim by watching the tip of the arrow.

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Alternatively, watch the left side of your hand. Because you are not holding the bow perfectly straight the arrows tend to fly further to the left from where the arrow points. Basic training of IDF forces did not change much over the years, so in this book we are focusing on the advanced training and specially on the combined forces training methods.

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Changes in the battlefield and in the nature of Israel s enemies brought the IDF to the understanding that the scenario of classic large scale armor battles will not likely to happen in the future. The nature of the battle has changed in favor of small fighting groups consisting of a combination of infantry, armor, combat engineering, artillery and air force units working together, each bringing it's advantage to the battlefield.

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The IDF train its forces to meet the saying: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts". Publisher: Wizard Publications. Shipping weight: 45 0 gr. OK We use cookies in order to provide you with the best user experience.

Get to the Training Ground and talk to Captain Bernard

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