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Torre is a leader in content strategy and digital storytelling with expertise as a consultant, strategist, and project and campaign manager for digital and social strategy. Torre advocates for innovation in the user experience and builds his teams to adopt compatible viewpoints, providing engagement and value across e-commerce, social media and both on-line and off-line client activations. Over his career, he helped some of the biggest brands in the world through issues that could affect their social license to operate. Some other things worth noting: In , he rode a motorcycle through the Himalaya.

He has three cats named after rappers makes sense because he has a rap album on Spotify. Most importantly, he calls his mom every day. If you want to find out more, reach out on Twitter SoMattKelly. Cassandra recently joined the paid media side of the industry to infuse her creative experience and oversight into the overall vision of the company.

The DFRLab is a startup within the Council that is at the forefront of open-source research with a focus on governance, technology, security, social media, and where each intersect. Having joined the DFRLab at its foundation in , Nicholas has been involved in the rapid growth of the Lab since its inception. She has developed deep expertise and domain knowledge in social media and digital insights and measurement over a variety of verticals including healthcare, technology, consumer, automotive and entertainment.

She has been instrumental in building and developing teams to deliver best-in-class insights and analytics, as well as developing new methodologies and processes to make social and digital measurement more efficient, actionable and relevant for clients. He is fascinated by all things relating to Open Data and Open Innovation and sees social media as a valuable element of each.


Through his career in consulting Rob has worked across multiple sectors including Life Sciences, Utilities and luxury retail. Jeannette Arrowood is a social media and marketing-tech industry veteran and recently spent 4 years in the Singapore office of Sysomos as the Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region. With broad experience as a strategist and technology evangelist for Fortune brands, she is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of each team within large organizations and agencies.

Prior to joining Sysomos in , Jeannette ran her own social media consultancy and worked for several large brands as well as a number of mobile, digital and PR agencies in NYC.

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He oversees operations, client acquisition and client success, enterprise sales, and marketing for 12 offices across the region. John joined Meltwater in and has worked in sales management positions all over the globe. Bio coming soon! He works in-house at social media intelligence platform, Sysomos now Meltwater Social , having previously spent a decade agency-side. Having spent two successful years in the London sales orgainization, he now oversees the day to day operations of the partnership portfolio in San Francisco, helping identify best practices and define strategies for our clients to utilize these solutions to the best of their capabilities.

Josh comes from a background of working within the software industry, providing services to a variety of companies and has a large amount of experience in implementations. John Box, Global Head of Meltwater Social, will provide an update on Meltwater Social, including news on the latest product developments. Social media is an essential driving force to digital transformation pushing technology to change every second.

But we know human nature has not evolved at the same rate.

How do we ensure that we stay a year ahead of our competition while keeping pace with our market and staying relevant to our customers? Actionable Items Explored:. His depth of insight and breadth of examples have prompted us to shift our thinking on digital transformation.

Developing and implementing a social media strategy for a major brand that operates across dozens of international markets is a huge challenge. Whitney Coble, Manager of Global Social Strategy and Insights at Mary Kay, explains how the leading beauty brand tackles this challenge to drive digital change throughout the organization over time.

She covers everything from streamlining publishing processes, to using social media data to drive strategic decisions globally across Mary Kay. In the cluttered world of influencer marketing burnout, how do you ensure your clients stand out in the right way?

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Should you work with someone who speaks about hot-button issues like politics? Or has used culturally insensitive words in the past? Learn the ins and outs of vetting influencers by having tough conversations, using unique queries and mining for context. How can you get the most out of your content marketing? A strong social media strategy that allows you to distribute your content, expand its reach, and learn from its results is key. In this session, learn how to build a symbiotic relationship between your content marketing and social media programs. Plus learn the best practices for optimizing your content for different channels, building your audience, and analyzing your results.

Marketing is an industry addicted to data, making it easy to forget the importance of intuition and taste. During this session, we will take a nose dive into the top trends shaping the world of social in the months ahead. The session presentation will focus on illustrating how brands are making a stronger pivot towards the Micro-Influencer to drive business impact. This influencer segment with follower counts typically from 1, to 5, offers greater customer intimacy to make up for what they lack in reach. And it is their proximity and intimacy with their peer group around shared experiences that truly defines their place in the spectrum of influence.

Data breaches and privacy scandals are bringing data protection into the awareness of consumers, and their anxiety is on the rise. Yet at the same time, surveys indicate that transparent and responsible use of data — use that actually benefits the customer - can and does build consumer loyalty. How can brands take advantage of data privacy and protection to help drive their business, rather than having their ability to innovate restricted? In an era of online propaganda wars and state-sponsored misinformation campaigns, the Atlantic Council is working to help the world understand how and why these malicious messages are spread on social channels, and what we can do to minimize the damage they cause.

This is a panel discussion with a difference — instead of sticking to a pre-prepared theme, our panel of social media industry experts will take questions from the audience on absolutely anything to do with social marketing. We'll wrap the day with a review of the day's sessions and learnings. Also, we'll draw the Raffle winner. Must be present to win! How do you balance their access with your brand narrative and the impact on your bottom-line results? In this session, we take a deep-dive into the metrics that should shape your social media strategy and explore the best practices of your peers in the session with you.

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This class is for you. We will start at the beginning and work slowly up to a complex understanding of boolean logic. Empower yourself to create complex search strings and monitors. Save and share them with your team. Join us! Brands and companies that are headquartered in the West frequently expand their business into the Asia Pacific market, and for good reason. Asia Pacific is home to more than 4. And the region has continued to dominate the high net worth individual population and wealth category over the last few years, but wealth inequality threatens its burgeoning economic success.

In this workshop we will take a look at the definition of a what a social media crisis is and what effect it has on your online reputation management. Whatever kind of business you work in, great content is at the core of your marketing strategy. This workshop will show you how you can use social data to solve those problems. Learn the tips of tricks of advanced boolean, including the secret menu. Taken from our immensely popular "Boolean Bootcamp" these 90 minutes will show you how to use boolean to create targeted search terms, moving beyond keywords into metadata and emoticons.

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