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Work-life balance.

Job satisfaction. Career progression opportunities. Job security.

Accelerate critical business decisions with actionable quantiative insights

Variety of work. GM is good but not easy.

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Reviewer's Qualification. A GM is more flexible in working hours. More opportunity to meet people, including potential clients.

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Pay is higher than others. Challenging but if done properly comes with great satisfaction.

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GM role is challenging however it is a strong pathway to learning the human emotions and desires. People needs and wants demanding time. Dealing with conflict from within the team and with clients. Owners inconsistentcy with strategy.


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Managing oh s and cashflow. You have to fair, straight talking, vision for the future. Set the goals you want and aim for it. General Management, planning,implementing,leading!!!? The chance to lead change and improvement and develop teams!!

General Managers: Bridging the Gap Between Hotel Owners and Operators

I like the variety of things across my desk and the ability to problem solve and initiate action. Competing demands and time pressures. Sometimes the challenges that looking after staff bring. The role of a Hotel General Manager is probably the ultimate "goal" for anyone who starts their journey within the Hospitality Industry. The role allow you to really make a difference in the culture w Be a leader of a great team. Challenging environments with high degree of variation of duties and tasks. We offer flexible membership options, services and benefits to our members so that they nurture their businesses in a workspace that is a community and not just an office.

General Managers

Want to join our team? An ideal candidate will be a team-player with a hefty background in management, and a high-drive to get things moving in a fast-paced environment. This is an opportunity to take on a leading role and be an extension to Mindspace corporate in Germany. You will be leading day-to-day operations in Germany-based branches and lead initiatives and business development in the region. In logistics, this can include a career in construction management, administrative services, sustainability, engineering management , or emergency management director. Andrews College suggests a range of activities a general manager may have to be involved with:.

Keep in mind that this is a general list of possible day-to-day operations. A general manager in one field may have an entirely different set of responsibilities than another. While general management covers various ground as far as careers go, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists salary data for General and Operations Managers. This includes positions as management of companies, local government, restaurant management, scientific and technical consulting, and computer systems designs. Other possible careers include:.

As you can see, careers in general management cover quite a range and can be in both the public and private sectors. No matter where you end up, being a general manager means directly impacting the employees of your company.