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It Will keep us playing. Again, just Sayin.

Being Vulnerable, Slow it All Down, and I love Candy! – Prince Edward Island Preserve Company

Be ready to empty your wallet. The game would get 5 stars from me but there are parts of it that absolutely rip off the consumer. Yes, you can buy extra lives—but again, have your wallet ready. At around 21 gold bars they start asking if you want to empty your bank, collect the bars in there, and you guessed it The game is a blast. You could play this game for two weeks or save that money and hop a plane to Vegas. If money is not an object, go for it. I am choosing to delete it off my phone and say my sad goodbyes to Yeti.

Bye Yeti. To complain like a bunch of crybabies for graphics that are thought with kids in mind, so the game can be kid friendly. I wanted to play the clever and colorful matching game I really loved the original - but in an utterly clueless move, King has doubled-down on all the bad parts, while slowing down the actual game, so this was an almost-instant delete for me.

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Toffee, or the Yeti - or the awful sound effects The gameplay is pretty fun. It could take 2 weeks to actually get something real. The game seems to work against you, instead of help or be neutral.

Poisoned candy and toxic treats

If you create a candy bomb, something will fall around it it that almost always will set it off before you can use it for strategy. If it gets too hard, easy to delete. As expected of a candy crush game it is a decent puzzler that can kill time. Earn gold bars but BUY the ability to use them. These games are no different then the arcades in a casino. Just for the record. I believe the levels are intended for you to get frustrated and then you spend your money. It should have been a amount for the game then maybe we would have access to the bars and other help items in the game for free instead of hidden charges in the game.

Such a disappointment The first levels were fun but after that the game is not very good. Putting a very hard level every other level is not fun. Especially when you have to use your 5 lives 4 or 5 times to get close to passing it. Whenever you match candies to get a power up they game uses them for you since the candies that drop so happen to perfectly match with them.

I want to use the power ups the way I want to use them. Also the fish are garbage too.

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Just waste of moves. Will be deleting soon if these things are not adjusted. The price for boosters and gold bars is way too expensive!!! Greedy greedy greedy!! There are too many games out there that are just as good that cost much less! So disappointed in King for being so greedy!! Do you really want to get hooked on a game where they only care about making more and more money?

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  • Just like all their other games! Very fun.

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    Addictively fun even. Ok, that concept is in a lot of games. I have to pay for an empty piggy bank so I can pay for the gold bars after I earn them again? So have fun if you want to play, but be wary about buying anything! My rules of thumb is that I will not support an app maker financially if I have to pay to use needed features in the first week of play. Candy Crush Friends pretty much requires it on the first day. I understand that game makers need to make money and I am willing to contribute when I feel that there is a balance between play and money.

    That balance is lacking here. You have to pay to open the piggy bank in order to be able to save up gold bars. The hard levels are ridiculous.

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    I deleted the app after making over 20 attempts at level Unless you are willing to pay for the bonus items or spend days trying and waiting for hearts to refill to complete some of these levels. Loved this game! Was playing it non stop when I first got it. Every star gets you 1 gold bar. So in the first 10 levels you will fill up your piggy bank which grants you 30 gold bars. Yeah nope! I have no issues with cosmetics costing money.

    And extremely juvenile and so far very easy. Edited: I didn't delete it, I like the levels ok, but the characters and all the noises they make is for children, so annoying. I like the levels so far and don't need to be burdened with 2 hours infinite play or else lose my fish boost, but it feels stingy and childish. You need to either stop with the piggy banks or once the pig is full you should receive the gold bricks you earn when you beat a level instead of losing them because you don't care to pay for a hard-earned reward.

    I find this feature as a greedy way to force player to spend money if they want bricks to help them progress. Your games were a lot more fun before you introduced this nasty little twist. You want more stars and a positive review from me and I'd be willing to bet a lot of other players make paying for the pig not a requirement to collect gold bars but an option to add to the bars you win when you beat a level and collect your bars once the pig is full.

    In fact, why are you selling us back what we earned fair and square. Shame on you! The Candy Crush developers would probably get some money from me if the bars lives were not so expensive! The game play to dollar ratio is really weak. Why would I waste my hard earned money for a only a few minutes of play? Going to the movie theater costs less per hour — and that normally feels like a rip off too! But the problem is that the boost from any purchase results in only a few minutes of extended play and the game is rigged so you fail levels and need to keep purchasing— for what is basically a couple of minutes of play.

    You have to keep doing it.

    Being Vulnerable, Slow it All Down, and I love Candy!

    I got hooked on the first couple of levels but really, the Game is rigged so you keep losing and are urged to buy more gold bars that get you nothing but a couple of minutes of frustration. I love the other Candy Crushes but I have issues with this one. First, they advertise on an unrelated game I play. Their ads are 30 seconds long. Then after the 30 seconds are up there is an X in the top right corner. It takes you to the play store. You have to ignore it and wait for a less obvious X on the left corner to close. And sometimes even that one takes you to the play store.

    I HATE when ads do this. Makes me want to delete this game. You have to buy them. Too many animations. Too long to load levels. Too long to travel the map to the next level. This game I think is more aimed at kids than adults.

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    • I spent almost two days trying to get past one level, finally had a lucky fall, then got to another level in the same day where it was so obvious that I would need to buy add-ons in order to progress that I got irritated. I tried 7 times to get past the level and got nowhere even close to getting past it even with good falls and lots of exploders and fish. I play this game to relax and de-stress.