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Jesus Christ is the best example of this. His Spirit was in perfect harmony with his Soul and Body. The Holy Spirit dwelled in the heart of Jesus. This is why he never sin, this is why He never doubted, this is why He raised people from the dead, this is way He was able to heal the sick, this is why He could walk on water, this is why he was able to preach the Kingdom of God and Rightiousness. This is why He was perfect.

In the Arms of the Bridegroom

And this is why He could not be conceived though a human father. This is why we are perfect and righteous through our savior Jesus Christ. His Grace on us and our faith in him allows us to understand in our heart Spirit, Soul and Body. The Holy Spirit will guide our hearts. As we open our hearts Spirit to the Holy Spirit we will begin to see and hear. This should never be confused with the issue of the bride of Christ is the Church or is not the church.

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I don't think that I am making too big a deal about all of this as the bride of Christ teaching states that the bride has to get herself ready. If that is true then I had to do some kind of a work to get ready. Paul said that the Galations were fools because they went back to "works" and that those that do go back to "works" put themselves back under the curse of the law. As far as God is concerned, we are perfect, righteous, sanctified and etc.

So then, the Bride has to be somebody else and NOT the church. We don't have to get ready. We are already ready. Ou are making too big a deal out of this. We ate saved by God's grace through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Read 1Corinthians and you will see that Jesus has become hat we could not; Jesus has become o us wisdom, righteousness, notification and redemption.

So how could we, who are born again through Jesus, still sin and be born again? When we walk by the flesh and not by the Spirit. John says in his first Epistle, "I write these things unto you that you may not sin but if anyone does we have an advocate with the Father who is Jesus Christ the Righteous. We who are born again learn not to sin as we are taught not to by learning the word of God. Jesus says in Matthew 28, " make disciples and teach them to obey everything I say. You need to judge yourself and not me.

As I recall, Paul called the Galations fools. So, what do you do with that?

We shouldn't continue to be "of the world" once we get saved. But still we can't be perfect. And let him who hear say; Come. And let him who thrist come. Whoever desires, let him take water of life freely. John wrote Revelation around 90 AD which was revealed to him by the Spirit. In the verse above it would indicate the New Jerusalem Bride is in heaven at the time of the writing of Revelation. Bible also says anyone who calls someone a "fool" is in danger of hell fire and "fool" means one who is now a believer of the word of God.

Jesus said go ye into all the world and preach ye the gospel. He never said to call people fools. You are in danger of hell fire and puffed up and you need to repent. You are totally right,the church is not the Bride of Christ.. God doesn't work like that. Thanks for your post. I believe there is a lot of confusion in the Body of Christ regarding the Bride of Christ issue. Works in the OT was focused more on the individual own effort and more self serving and through it have right standings with God.

As opposed to the Works in the NT which is an individual who is more focused on the needs of others and gives of himself because of his love for God and his neighbor. We can not get ourselves ready through OT works. My concern with the "bride of Christ" doctrine is that those who subscribe to it must, by default, also believe that he must do something works to get "herself" ready therefore putting that person back under the curse of the law. According to the gospel of Grace, we are already righteous under the New Covenant.

Furthermore if we, as the church have to ALL make ourselves "ready" then there is no way we will ever be ready since all of our own righteousness is as filthy rags.

The Bride of Christ

Therefore, we have to believe that we, as a gift of salvation, are already ready through His righteousness. Please note that the bride's garment shines with the righteousness of the saints. It is not the saint's that are the bride but rather the light that causes the Bride to to shine. As a rookie, I'll say this: there is scripture to support both views, though I have my own which I won't get into.

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I see Satan getting involved with all the arguments and I don't see enough "false doctrine" for anyone here to go to hell for. I will ask this: is there anyone in the new Jerusalem right now other than God and Jesus? Are they even in it now or not until it comes down?

We will see the true meaning in time and no one will care who is right or wrong. Let's all pray for the Apostate Church and for those who will may be susceptible. Let us all see the righteousness and love in our True God and Prince Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen. The fact that Jerusalem is both the Great City, the Woman, the Harlot, and the Bride testifies to the essence and supreme beauty of. The prophecies simply tell us that Jerusalem would be as though the Lord had not rejected her.

See Isaiah 54 and Zechariah I am telling you, this is great stuff, full of grace and the affirmation that the word of God is authoritative and and pivotal. The bride of Christ is Jerusalem, as John Says. Note also that the Bride in 19, is also the Harlot in chapters 17, 18; which is the great city from chapter 11, 16, 17, and of course And you will note that Jerusalem is the bride, literally and figuratively in the Old Testament. This also makes the best prophetic and Gospel sense. I find it amusing that I have repeatedly directed all of us to the fact that Rev. The issue here is not about nothing it is about a doctrine that leads people to believe that we have to do works in order to be perfect " So then the Christian would have to do something to get " It is the Testimony of Christ.

God is greater than a piece of flesh. He became man as the Word. The Bible is the testimony of all Christ is and why He came. To say that the "good news" is not also the Word is to have no basis for belief in Jesus or an authoritative document to stand firm in our faith. No one ever said the physical pages are the Word or Jesus. You can burn a Bible and it does nothing. The Word lives. The Holy Spirit testifies to us through the written word. Don't make an issue out of nothing.

Believe in Christ. There is no confirmed evidence in the Bible that states or supports the bride of Christ is the church doctrine. Over time religion has created this doctrine to support their idea that they are the select few "the Elect" to seperate themselves from other churches or Religions. I firmly believe that the church are those who Christ has identified a citizens elect of the Kingdom of God. I also firmly believe that the word church, as mentioned in Matt.

Many out their wrongly identify the OT Isreal as the church or a least assocate church with the , And that they are the bride of Christ. And I should mention their is nothing in the bible to support that doctrine either. Which is the first time the word church is mention in the bible How any religion can come up with something different is beyond me.

Only false doctrine can slip in the idea that it is anything else. It is evident to me that religion has and will continue to interpret the bible the way they see fit. And not take the time to understand God's meaning of his Word. Many times cdacoffee has clearly stated Rev. We should not allow any religion to interpret the bible for us.

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We should allow the Holy Spirit reveal understanding to us as we study God's word for ourselves. Do you Know Jean Shephard? I agree with you and have for many years. Was shown this teaching by Jean Shephard in Boise, Idaho. This message is something that I have been in search of. I have been hearing for so long we are to get ready to be His bride and then that He had made us His son's and thought, this is just not clicking in my mind.