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A: To get to the baaaaarber shop! A: Squeaky clean! A: A cow walking backwards! A: In a barking lot.

A: A road hog. A: Fast food! A: Me-ow! A: A gummy bear! A: He was trying to fetch a boomerang!

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A: Its shadow! A: Porkchop! A: In his trunk! A: Fryday! A: A milkshake! A: No I deer! A: Because of the bark! A: They both have trunks! A: A baboom! A: Stuck! A: A bulldozer! How do you stop a dog barking in the back seat of a car? Put him in the front seat. A: A car only has one horn. A: Do you want to grab a bite? A: Time to get a new bed! A: Anywhere it wants to! A: The cow that jumped over the moon!

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A: A cr-oak tree. A: A hush puppy. A: It has a collar I. A: Take away his credit card! A: Because it goes good with chips. A: The price of bacon would go up.

A: Take away his shovel! A: It gave a little wine! A: Climb up a tree and act like a nut! A: In a river bank! A: Mooooooove over! A: A cheetah! A: To get to the shell station. A: A skunk with a rash. A: Five after one. A: Fish and ships. A: The scales. A: A tyrannosauraus wreck! A: The banana split! A: With flood lighting. A: With a cowculator.

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A: An udder failure. A: Because the chicken was on vacation. A: As far away as possible. A: A can of people. A: A starfish. A: He was tired of working for peanuts. We've designed this collection of farm animal jokes to be used as lunch box notes - a fun little surprise to be tucked into your child's lunch box every day. But why stop at that!

There are so many other ways you could use these Kids love jokes - and a joke bookmark with these lovely horses on might encourage them to read a book or two, too! Print, cut out and enjoy. Everyone loves a joke - and the pig jokes on these lovely bookmarks will hopefully make them popular with the kids and encourage some good reading activity!

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Skip to main content. Animal Jokes Some of the best kids' jokes are animal jokes! A koala holding his breath! What happens when a cat eats a lemon? It becomes a sour puss! Why are elephants wrinkled? Have you ever tried to iron one? What do you get if you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming trunks! Why do elephants never forget? Because nobody ever tells them anything! What day do fish hate? What do call a bear with no ears? Where do cows go on Saturday nights? To the MOOO-vies! Why is it hard to play cards in the jungle? There are too many cheetahs! When is it bad luck to see a black cat? All the animals are there, except one. Which one? Teacher: let me guess the lion? Student: Sally has to get across a large river home to many alligators. They are very dangerous, but Sally swims across safely. What do you do?

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Today I learned humans eat more bananas than monkeys. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. Read more. Student: bricks are on a plane. How many are left?