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All the fancy raza in their fancy clothes with their fancy degrees, J. There was more dialogue with strangers from strange schools I witnessed extraordinary focus, inquiry and outcome driven activities Sessions sat in circles not rows, less tribalism and invisible phones.

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Los profesionales did not miss their coveted happy hour after long and grueling discussions of White Privilege and everybody was happy In a display of cross-cultural Intersectionality the poets even read bilingual haiku and with each pour of spirits bled their souls from mouths to ears to glass I must say the coin margaritas were of fine character and the fiesta carried the roar of calaveras dancing through the night. I write to you to deliver an Open Letter. I write out of respect for myself, my son, you as a man, and the many faces of our community of Denver.

I understand the economic pressures you face that challenge your role as Public Servant. You approached me in Washington Park in the summer of and you asked for my vote. I voted for you. If you are who I think you are, I imagine that you will appreciate my letter, and any challenge it provokes from my fellow citizens. I understand that a person in power can make brave moves only when the community at large is willing to match his or her will. I wonder if my fellow citizens feel the way I do? Produced by DJ Icewater.

Beat by Boonie Mayfield. Another civilizational moment is possible beyond demonstrations within imagination. Disrupt the networks. Break the class divisions.

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Whenever possible forgive yourself and have patience. Approximately 25 people — students, community members, artists, and Ft. Lewis college staff — sat down this morning to share breakfast and speak about the meaning of The Real History of the Americas, now in its sixth year in Durango Colorado. This is an open letter to America.

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Issues confront, Buffalo Council identity, more to America than spoon-fed books. Everybody needs to see our nations, we come from land. Good mornings, and history books written to lie. Terror becomes America. Mini steps, working on my own ignorance, hope for losing battles, jews and catholics throwing stones at each other, at war with muslims, and those undefined and uncapitalized.

Addicted to conquest we resist, through coordination scheduling ritual to replace cultural voids. I stand for what I believe and build tomorrow with what I do not know, challenging grandparents so often void of wisdom now we seek balance. Where are the voices of women? Where are the voices, period? We want to come home. We keep knowledge growing, having grown without tribes, often without celebration.

We make time and observe meaning. This is not about teaching to hate whites. This is to heal black, all shades brown, white.

To see history for what it is- Space to learn and unlearn. Responsibility for lessons to seeds. Grandmothers sending pilgrims in the mail, fall. The real history is powerful- part of us. Hero worship for murderers, a ceremony for power.

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We speak our stories to the wind to chisel mountains. Our history really happened so we carry our names, educated to agendas we are global again. The rapper is not demure. The rapper is egotistical. Why does he see himself this way? The rapper thinks he is Somebody… I have thought a lot about this storyline. If we are to exist at all, it is as Nobodies… Yet, we are never confined to the stories that have been imposed upon us. Kyle, I look forward to the evolution of our relationship and our conversations. Molina Speaks.

If you are not who I voted for, then all the more reason to write. I wish for us all a better year in Art by Karma Leigh. Grandmothers sending pilgrims in the mail, fall in , Columbus sailed the ocean blue, making red land more red with blood. This day means to be here. Happy to be alive. Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian.

Veena Indian. How to say starving in sign language? Words popularity by usage frequency rank word starving nourished. Select another language:. Powered by CITE. An artist has hit back at Sainsbury's and demanded they 'restock our kitchens' after the supermarket chain asked for an artist to work for free.

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The supermarket chain asked an artist to volunteer to decorate their Camden branch's canteen stock photo. The artist based the advert on Sainsbury's own post with the headline: 'Artists are looking for a supermarket to volunteer their skills. The anonymous post has been shared over Twitter with more than 1, retweets after it was shared by ThatSabineGirl with the caption: 'A brilliant response by an artist to a corporation asking artists to work for free. Mimicking the upsides the supermarket used in their advert, it said: 'Artists are looking for a well-stocked supermarket to voluntarily restock our kitchens.


Twitter users posted the parody advert and one came up with their own artwork in response drawing a stickman. The ad continued by pointing out that it would give a 'basic human right to survive on our sought-after skillsets' and emphasise that 'they don't have to work on an empty stomach'.

But by giving food they would get the 'brand recognised' although 'no qualifications or experience is required as we are simply intrigued and excited about the free stuff you can offer us'. Mark Chambers wrote: 'Just the right response to Sainsbury's for an artist to "volunteer their skills. Charlotte H agreed and posted the artist's mocking advert, adding: 'What were you thinking?

While one user, under the name BigHairyMarty posted his own reply and even added some bonus free artwork for the store. He wrote: 'Here's some voluntary artwork that Sainsbury's can use for an advert. A happy customer with a bag of shopping. Many people had been outraged by the advert.

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  5. Mike Rickard wrote: 'Obviously a huge corporation like Sainsbury's can't afford to pay an artist. What was your last quarter profits again?